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Songbird Rising Suzuki School, Hyde Park, Austin TX.

Growth. Joy. Community.

Suzuki Summer Camp & Violin Lessons Austin | Songbird Rising

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  • Tuition fees can be paid for by semester or on a monthly basis, payable on the first week of each month. 

  • Payments are made by cash or Google Wallet. 

  • Please set a reminder to bring tuition to the first lesson of each month. 


  • Arrive 5 minutes before the lesson so the student can prepare their mind and the necessary materials ready for lesson (recap what you practiced together and get the violin out and make sure the bow is rosined in advance of the lesson start time).

  • Keep cell phone use to a minimum. If you use your phone to take notes in the lesson it can be useful to set it to Airplane mode so you are not distracted by calls, emails etc.

  • Be present for the lesson so that you have an understanding of the material and can replicate the lesson at home. Take notes or make recordings to help you practice with your child.

  • Help your child to get into a practice routine of a minimum of 5 days a week. 



  • Be respectful and cooperative in the studio space.

  • Practice for a minimum of 5 days a week completing all practice goals, listen to Suzuki CD.

  • Bring your instrument, practice binder and Suzuki book to every lesson.


  • Lessons will be scheduled at a regular, weekly, day and time agreed between us.   

  • If you cannot make your scheduled lesson time and would like a chance to reschedule please give as much notice as possible. Reschedules are not guaranteed. If notice is not given at least 48 hours in advance, rescheduling will not be possible. 

  • In the event that Songbird Rising have to reschedule a lesson, a make up lesson will be offered at a time convenient to everyone involved.

  • There are NO refunds for’ no shows’ or lessons cancelled by the student.


Sometimes traffic is bad and you are going to be late for your lesson, please send a quick message to let your teacher know.

Between June 1st and July 22nd  students may take a maximum of two lessons off free of charge. There will be no lessons between July 23 - August 19th.


There are two solo recitals every school year at an Austin location, We will be taking photos during recitals and events and may use them  for advertising and marketing purposes. If you would prefer photographs of your child not be used, please tell Mrs Laura in advance.

Songbird Rising Suzuki School reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Child Student Policy

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