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Beautiful, Original Music by Cosette

Songbird Blog | Original Music by Cosette

// Listen to an original composition by a young Songbird Rising Student

Cosette, pictured below, tells us - 'There are lots of different ways that I come up with music. Sometimes writing music just comes naturally. I find myself in the mood to play my violin, and so I make up songs or tunes. If I like them I always remember to record them on my phone so that I have them for future listening. Other times, a song might start with a different song. I will try to play a pop song, mess up, and find out that I like the way that the mess up sounded. Most of the time, it starts with a simple scale or tune. I like to experiment with scales by changing the key or taking out certain notes. When I come up with a scale that I really like, I will add to it or try to play it pizzicato or even in a round. I might even try to write a harmony to it based on the notes. The key is experimenting with different ways to play the song.'

Thank you Cosette for sharing your beautiful music! Enjoy listening her play her duet with Mrs Laura, her violin teacher at Songbird Rising, Austin TX.

Songbird Rising Violin Student | Cosette

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