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5 Easy Performance Opportunities for Young Budding Musicians

Songbird Rising Suzuki School | Summer Music Camps & Violin Lessons, Austin TX

// Performing is a big part of playing an instrument, of course it is what its all about. Setting up regular performance opportunities for your budding musician can be such a motivating experience. Have your budding musician do what professional musicians do and perform A LOT, get comfortable playing in front of people, make money, show them what its all about and what it means to be a musician! If you decide to do a performance, tell your teacher so they can help you prepare and give you rehearsal tips!

1. Performance Parties

Invite friends over, make programs, set up a stage, play as many or as few songs as you like. Maybe friends will want to play to!

2. School

Show and Tell, encourage your wee musician to show their classmates what they can do on their instrument. Contact the school music teacher and ask if they can participate with their instrument in class or as a show for the school.

3. Busking

Find a place to stand and play with your case open, see how much money you can make! That's right, you can earn money as a musician now! (If you plan to stand out side someones shop or residence then asking first maybe a good idea).

4. Neighbors

Offer to do a performance at a neighbors house, getting out of your house and in to a different setting provides a different experience. Perhaps it would lead to a house concert series!

5. Open Mics

There are so many opportunities to play at open mics. These are for everyone and anyone. You arrive, sign up, play 2-3 songs and that's it! Check with your local coffee shop and see if this if something they do. Highly recommended.

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