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Congratulations Bella!

Mrs Laura and Bella | Songbird Rising Suzuki School

// A book 1 recital is perhaps one of the most special. It marks the completion of Dr Suzuki's Violin Book 1, there are 17 pieces carefully organised to facilitate the learning of a strong technique , it is often completed at a young age or at least at the earliest period of a musicians practice. It is a wonderful achievement, important to celebrate and worthy of high praise.

Bella's Book 1 Recital | Songbird Rising

Attended by family, friends and fellow musicians, Songbird Rising's latest student to perform a book 1 recital is Bella (pictured above with Mrs Laura), an extremely tenacious and impassioned student. As always at these events we were filled with pride to see the culmination of much hard work from the Bella and her family. Congratulations!

Hosted by 'Terra Nova Violins', Bella played an unusual recital accompanied by pianist Cynthia. What made this recital unusual was the method by which the program was set, Bella chose to mix things up by holding a raffle throughout the show. Each raffle ticket had the name of a book 1 piece, these were in a hat that was passed around the audience and Bella played each piece as it was picked. Some of the pieces had a star next to the name showing that it was a particular favorite of Bella's or her family, if you were lucky enough to pick a starred ticket then you won a prize! This really upped the ante as now Bella not only had to play from memory all of book 1 but she had no idea which order she would have to play it in until the name was picked from the hat! needless to say, she played extremely well.

After the recital was complete we had a great time mingling and eating a special violin cake and Bella received a present from her family, a metronome owl!

Bella and Cynthia | Songbird Rising

// Bella and Cynthia talking over the upcoming performance

Bella Receives an Owl Metronome | Songbird Rising

// The awesome Owl Metronome 'Twit Twoo!'

Bella's Recital Violin cake! | Songbird Rising

// The delicous cake!


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