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Feeling Song - A Composition by Sofia

// Sofia (age 6), a Songbird Rising student, has composed a lovely piece called ‘Feeling Song’ and recently recorded it with us. Sofia answers some questions below on her experience of composing her first piece and making a recording.

How old are you? I am six.

How long have you been playing the viola? I started learning to play the viola when I was three.

What is your favorite thing about playing the viola? My favorite thing about playing the viola is learning new songs.

What do you like about daily practice? I like playing Twinkle first.

How long did it take you to compose feeling song? It took 2 weeks to compose my song, one week with my dad and mom, and another week with my teacher, Mrs. Laura.

How did you start to write feeling song? I started by playing scales and playing notes back and forth with my dad, who played the guitar along with me. I added plucking and going from soft to loud. I plucked with my left-hand because my right-hand was busy with my bow, and I had learned to do it this way as an exercise, pretending like my pinkie was a grasshopper jumping. The song is about my feelings at school--mixed up, both happy and sad.

Did you write feeling song down or remember it? My mom wrote it down while I played.

How did you know when feeling song was finished? My song was finished when I did not know what else to add.

What was it like to record your song?

It was scary. I was afraid to hear myself. I had never recorded before. I got used to it after hearing myself over and over again.

How did you feel when you were recording? In the beginning, I was scared and glad by the end because I got to pick my recording.

How did you choose which take to pick? It sounded nicer and smoother than the other ones.

Would you like to write more parts/variations for your song? No, because it sounds finished to me.

As always at Songbird Rising we appreciate the challenges and benefits of writing, recording and sharing music. It can be a challenge for any artist at any stage of their career. One of the best possible benefits is that, in sharing, we are left feeling inspired and motivated to keep creating, practice with excitement and further share our work. Thank you to Sofia for working with her own challenges and sharing her music with us!



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