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Jump Rope - Composition by Eleanor

// Eleanor (age 6.75), a Songbird Rising student, has composed a lovely piece called ‘Jump Rope’ and recently recorded it with us. Eleanor answers some questions below on her experience of composing her first piece and making a recording.

How old are you? 6.75yrs

How long have you been playing the violin? 7 months

What is your favorite thing about playing the violin? I like that it has challenges and I like to figure out how to play songs by listening to them.

What do you like about daily practice? I'm getting better and better at violin and always learning new things.

How long did it take you to compose jump rope? About 2 weeks

How did you start to write jump rope? I was trying to figure out another song that I liked at first, but it wasn't working, so I changed it a little bit and made a new song.

Did you write jump rope down or remember it? I remembered it first, but then I wrote it down, too.

How did you know when jump rope was finished? I couldn't think of anything else and I thought it sounded good how it was.

What was it like to record your song? I had to play it about 5 times. Mrs. Laura recorded each time I played. Mrs. Laura told me to relax my hands so I could make a better sound. So I did.

How did you feel when you were recording? I felt a bit nervous that I was going to be on the computer where everyone would hear.

How did you choose which take to pick? I picked the best one. The best one was when I was doing everything great at the same time.

As always at Songbird Rising we appreciate the challenges and benefits of writing, recording and sharing music. It can be a challenge for any artist at any stage of their career. One of the best possible benefits is that, in sharing, we are left feeling inspired and motivated to keep creating, practice with excitement and further share our work. Thank you to Eleanor for working with her own challenges and sharing her music with us!

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