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Winter Concert 2024

Concert Program

Book 1 violin class - May Song and Twinkle Theme duet - Folk Song/S. Suzuki

Book 1 cello class - Long Long Ago - T. H. Bayly

Pre-Twinkle violin and cellos - Trepak - Tchaikovsky arr. by Steven Kruse/Ms. Maddie and Ms. Jane

Songbird Strings - Brandenburg Concerto, No. 3, 1st movement - J.S. Bach adapted and arr. by Merle J. Isaac

Songbird Strings - Maruntel VI & VII - B. Bartok

Songbird Strings - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Tchaikovsky arr. by Edward Zhou

Guest Ballet Performance by Cora Schrader

Theory class - A Songbird Holiday - Composed by H. Bowan, J. Canales, P. Garza, S. Lucas, A. McFarland, A. Mosley, A. Olah, L. Olah, J. Olah, A. Vaisman, C. Vertrees.

Book 2 violins - Witches Dance - N. Paganini arr. by S. Suzuki

Book 1 violins - Sonata No. 2 in D - Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre arr. Ms. Jane

Full school - The Sounds of Hanukkah - arr. Norman Ward

Full school - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Fantasy - arr. Peggy Wheelwright


Scholarship Donations

The gift of summer camp!

Would you be willing to help a young musican have an amazing summer camp experience?

Making a donation is super easy!

To donate and for more information -




Anderson, Caroline

Anderson, Mary

Aravind, Leila

Aravind, Noelani

Beasley Holder, Charlotte

Beasley Holder, Charlotte

Bhattacharyya, Mira

Bhattacharyya, Will

Bodden, Sabine

Boon, Louise

Bowman, Hazel

Butrill, Hank

Butters, Leili

Canales, Jane

Carlson, Capri

Carlson, Dash

Carroll, Caroline

Clemons, Micah

Cohen, Sharon

Cook, Lainey

Cripps, Cole

Cubbison, Elliot

Cubbison, Rowan

Davidson, Jude

Diggs, Ruby

Edwards, Annie

Edwards, Ira

Fiveash, Phoebe

Garcia, Cecilia

Garcia, Liliana

Garcia, Lucia

Garza, Paloma

Gerstenlauer, Dominic

Gilmore, Cerie

Gray, Rosie

Hanz, Adalyn

Hester, Theodore

Humphrey, Leo

Juenger, Lila

King, Riley

Klein, Eleanor

Lauren, Waterford

Lorenzini, Bella

Lorenzini, Sandry

Lucas, Sydney

Mallory, Elliot

Martinez Newell, Sebastian

McFarland, Anne

Mettel, Gabriel

Mirshahzadeh, Pablo

Moreno John, Anais

Moses, Alex

Mosley, Anabel

Neeman, Mai

Olah, Adrien

Olah, Julien

Olah, Livia

Patel, Sabrina

Perez, Nevada

Pogue-Jewell, Cole

Rivera, Rafael

Roden, James

Rodus, Nettie

Ryan, Margaret

Santiesteban, Regina

Serrato, Portia

Shaw, Truett

Smitherman, Ellis

Stewart, Kate

Tough, Charles

Van Bavel, Rebecca

Vertrees, Clara

Vokes, Adalyn

Walters, Gabby

Walters, Sydney

Wang, Cora

Weber, Natanella

Welch-Roberto, Olivia

Welch-Roberto, Olivia

Wise, Willamina Sue (Willa)

Woods, Bonnie

Woods, Casey

Zatopek, Irene


Bulgar, Maria

Dinning, Catalina

Marcus, Owen


Bhattacharyya, Charlie

Boon, Anne

Chafigoulline, Elias

de Moraes, Nico

Gatlin, Olivia

Gray, Margaret

Liao, Aleyah

Marcus, Lily

Newman, Crow

Price Harris, Felix

Pruitt, Martha

Ruttan, Isaac

Severn, Willow

Shub, Lydia

Vaisman, Ari

Villanueva, Verah


Krische, Gavin


Cora Schrader

Songbird Rising Team Laura Poyzer - Director

Asha Poyzer - Assitant Director

Ms. Jane - Violin/Viola teacher

Ms. Shelby - Violin/Viola teacher

Mx. Saber - Violin/Viola teacher

Ms. Maddie - Cello teacher

Thank you, to all who make this community great. A huge thank you to student families for your hard work and support. Congratulations students for all you have achieved, we look forward to next year. Happy Holidays!

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