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Joy Song - A Composition and Interview with Elise, Aged 7

// Joy Song is a beautifully constructed and well thought out little ditty, composed and performed by Elise (aged 7). Similarly to Dr Suzuki’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Variations, Joy Song is a theme and variation. Elise recorded three takes of her piece from which she has chosen her favorite to share with us.

Below, Elise answers some questions about herself and of her experience of composing and recording:

How old are you? Seven years old.

How long have you been playing the violin? For four and a half months.

What is your favorite thing about playing the violin? Everything. I really like being able to make up my own songs so soon.

What do you like about daily practice?

Doing it with Mama. It makes my arms and shoulder tired, but I get to make music.

How long did it take you to compose Joy Song? A night plus an afternoon. Two practices.

How did you start to write Joy Song? By using A (string) notes that I was really familiar with.

Did you write Joy Song down or remember it? Mama helped me remember it and then she wrote it down.

How did you know when Joy Song was finished? I felt like it was right for me.

What was it like to record your song? (what did Mrs Laura do, what did you do?) I was nervous at first and then I was excited. I stood close to the microphone. I said the name of my song and then I started playing it. Ms. Laura pressed a lot of buttons and gave me a "thumbs up" when it was time to start.

How did you feel when you were recording? Excited because I was recording my song. It means I get to share it with other people.

How did you choose which take to pick? I felt like there was only one thing I wasn't really sure about in the third recording. In the other ones, I had screeches and played on the E and the A at the same time.

Would you like to write more parts/variations for your song? No.

Would you like to record again in the future? Like another song? Yes!


Creativity, composition and expressive playing are all an integral part of Songbird Rising String Camp, a two week summer camp located in Hyde Park, Austin TX

Bravo Elise!

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