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Where The Wild Bugs Are! - First Day at String Camp 2016

// We are left glowing after the first day of summer camp! Each year it is a genuine honor to meet and work with Austin's young musicians. We have spent the first day making new friends, greeting old ones, playing music and creating artworks for our camp theme - 'Where the Wild Bugs Are!'

We work with a unique theme for each summer camp, creating original music, props and costumes for the end of camp show for an enthusiastic audience of friends and family. I am particularly excited about this camps theme, an adaptation of a favorite story of mine.

Today we have begun to experiment with improvisation. In one exercise three students hold a D major chord together, each taking a note each - D, F# or A. Every student has the opportunity to go into the middle of the group and improvise to the chord. Improvisation is a great skill to develop as a musician, allowing us to explore ideas on our instrument and learn to be accepting of whatever music we produce, this can be scary, not always the 'right' sound comes out and that is ok. We have been super impressed with the courage and musicianship shown. The next improvisation exercise involves exploring emotions and musical conversations. In pairs, each player takes on the roll of either happy or sad and plays an improvisation that expresses that feeling. To make the musical expression more genuine we also make a smiley face or pull a pouty lip!

Work has also begun on a musical theme for the scene of the 'Wild Rumpus'. Some of you may already be acquainted with the 'Stomp Song', it is a great accompaniment to letting out our wild side!

The day ended with solo performances. Students have a choice to sign up to perform for the rest of the group. I think we had a record number of first day soloists today! Lots of courageous players!

Thanks guys for a great day!


Songbird Rising String Camp is a yearly Suzuki based summer camp for players of Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. A fun packed curriculum also including Yoga, Swimming, Singing and Guest Workshops for ages 6 - 11.


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