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// Each year Songbird Rising students celebrate their achievements with a performance for family and friends. The Spring Recital (one of two studio recitals each year) is our more informal show, held outdoors in Austin, with an invitation to other musicians in the community to play with our violin students.

A lot of hard work, both in lessons and in home practice culminate at these events and this year we were treated to some great performances.

What stands out to me are not only the efforts of the students and support that their families give them, but the growing strength of the Songbird Rising community in its mutual support for one another. This is given loudly in the applause and adulation for each performance and taken in the form of inspiration; the courage of a new students first ever public performance or the skill of a more advanced student.

I would like to take this opportunity to express how inspired I am by you, and the gratitude I feel for your participation. Each person, student or supporter uplifts Mrs Laura and I. Practice is hard and so too can be growing of a business, both require dedication, commitment, and both require fruits for the labor. In this case that fruit is the performance for the students and for Laura and I it is witnessing not only the performance but the overt reminder that we are here because of each other, moving forwards, realizing our dreams, working together.

Thank you all. Next time we do a group photo lets get everyone in! Students and Supporters.

>> Renee and Clare play a Duet

>> Wylie

>> Milo

>> The Songbirds!




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